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Resilience Ministries specializes in equipping Christian women and leaders in spiritual, emotional, and relational health through Christ-centered transformation and renewal.

Biblical Counseling



Emotional and relational challenges are sometimes unbearable, but we are not designed to remain in a place of pain, overwhelm, or defeat as a long-term lifestyle.

Through Gospel Freedom equipping, you will learn to personally process your heart and life through direct interaction with Christ. When this happens, you will begin to walk into beautiful places of freedom and fullness of life. Clients receive customized, strategic discipleship in areas such as life-story work, gospel-centered reframing, how to receive from God, redemptive relational skills, rhythms of spiritual renewal, and more... All these result in life-changing clarity, renewal, peace, purpose and joy.

Immanuel Approach


Immanuel Approach prayer is one of the most effective scientific and Christ-centered tools available for life transformation. It combines brain science and biblically-grounded prayer. It has been used to help abuse victims, refugees, survivors of human trafficking, victims of guerilla warfare, and more. It help in two primary ways:

(1) Personal Connection with Christ

(2) Healing Emotional Trauma

Immanuel Approach prayer is not complex. It is a simple, scriptural, and life-giving way of drawing near to God. It includes stillness, remembering God's goodness, pouring out your heart, listening, and most importantly, learning how to receive from God personally and directly.

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Workshops & Courses
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The same life-changing content that is utilized in private coaching and counseling is also available through Group Workshops! Lyndsey teaches on a variety of topics including hearing God's voice, life-giving devotional times, cultivating emotional health, receiving a Biblical life vision, intentionality in transformation, cultivating healthy relationships, discipleship groups, and more. 

Learning with others brings transformation to another level through the power of connection and community. You meet other people working through the same areas as you! It is strengthening and empowering!


Resilience workshops are offered periodically and vary from evening seminars to two-day gatherings to online courses. To inquire about Lyndsey coming to teach at your event or gathering, please write to her using the Contact Form provided.

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