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Transformation Curriculum

Hi there! As you scroll through this page, you will see a sampling of the biblical truths and content, called Gospel Freedom, that has transformed not only my own life, but hundreds of clients lives.

There is one thing I want to clearly communicate... I am all about transformation, results, and real connection with Christ. I am not interested in empty religion or platitudes. I can't emphasize this enough.


Gospel Freedom is not about information, it is about transformation... It is about your life changing through connecting with Christ and His presence, power, and wisdom


This curriculum has developed over the past 20 or so years through five primary means: (1) My own massive life transformation, (2) my formal training as a counselor, (3) years of working with hundreds of clients, (4) experience through church planting with my husband, and (5) years of being a disciple and discipling others within the body of Christ.

I have spent decades studying, researching and observing what types of Christ-centered equipping results in real life change and results in people's lives. What I have seen work over and over again, for decades, is what I now personally practice and what I share with others through Gospel Freedom coaching and counseling...

A Note from Lyndsey

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The Story of God
A Kingdom Invitation
The Gospel in
 Your Story

The Three Greats

Identity in Christ
Discerning the Voice of God

Hearing God Through Scripture

Two-Way Conversation with God

Devotional Training for Connection

Personally Experiencing the Love of God

Theological Clarity in Victorious Living

The Authority and Priority of Scripture
The Word and the Spirit Together

Resting in the Presence of God
​The Character of God

Obedience and Joy

And More...

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(Confidential Discipleship Groups)
Group Model
Gospel Conversations
Life Transformation Questions
Group Covenant & Confidentiality
Confession and Growth
Reflective Listening
And More...




Relationship Inventory

Healthy Communication

Healing Relational Wounds

Offense, Anger and Bitterness

Emotional Regulation in Relationships

Autonomy, Boundaries and Relationships

The Steps and Freedom of Forgiveness

Resolving Church Hurt and Offense

Discernment in Relationships

Cultivating Spiritual Family

The Wound of Rejection

Forgiveness vs. Trust

And More...

Gifts of the Spirit
Test, Trainin
g & Character

Confidence in Sharing Your Faith

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Ministry

Ministry in the Marketplace
Spiritual Con
Callings and Giftings

And More...

FREE 20-Minute
Initial Consultation


Stewarding Your Soul

Family of Origin Work
Processing Your Life Story

Metabolizing Emotions with God
Journeying Through the Wilderness

Emotional Healing with the Holy Spirit

Spiritual Warfare & the STOPP Method
Confession, Freedom and Healing

God's Words and Your Words

The Idol and Fear of Man

Anxiety & Overwhelm

Renewing Your Mind

And More...

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