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FREE 15-Minute Phone Consulation
Schedule a FREE Phone Consultation at Your Convenience

Limited spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Sign up today to reserve your spot.


Anxiety and Fear




Marriage Challenges

Low Self-Image

Toxic Relationships 

Lack of Purpose

Family Issues

Social Anxiety

Feelings of Guilt

Lack of Direction

Spiritual Struggles

Emotional Fatigue

Stress & Pace of Life

Habitual Sin


Job Challenges

Parenting Problems

Tormenting Thoughts

Grief & Loss

And More...


How do I contact you for more information or make an appointment?

The easiest way to get more info or to get started is to schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation or your first session. You can also email or text 423.600.9171. Texts usually receive the quickest response.

What is the cost and length of a counseling or coaching session?

Session length ranges from 1 hour 15 minutes to 2 hours and the base rate for all services $140/hour. Session length is based on client preference and session availability. Visit the Session Options and Rates page for more info.

Do you take insurance?

Resilience Ministries is not able to process insurance. Because Lyndsey is a Biblical Counselor, and not a mental health counselor, she does not diagnose mental illness or use the diagnostic codes typically required by insurance companies. Sessions are offered on a self-pay basis, and payment is due on the day of service.

Do you offer a sliding scale or package rates?

Yes. See below...

Sliding Scale & Reduced Rates:

Resilience Ministries strives to offer services to clients of various budgets as often as possible. A limited number of Reduced Rate spots are available through an application process, qualification based on combined, annual household income, and slot availability. Click here to apply for Reduced Rates.

Package Rates:

Packages of 5 sessions are offered at 5% off the regular rate when purchased in advance. Packages are non-refundable and must be completed within the allotted number of weeks or they will expire.

Is there paperwork that needs to be completed prior to my first session?

Yes. When you make your first appointment, Lyndsey will email you an Intake Packet with all the paperwork needed prior to your first appointment.

What is your cancellation policy?

Stewarding time and resources well is a high value. If you are unable to make your appointment for some reason, please provide a minimum of 24 hours advance notice. Same day cancellations or arriving more than 15 minutes late for a scheduled appointment will result in a $25 cancellation fee, except in emergency situations. It is understandable that emergencies do arise from time to time, so please keep Lyndsey informed.

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