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Dear Prospective Clients,

Your emotional, spiritual, and relational health matter a great deal to me. Because the length of a session makes a significant impact on the depth and breadth of results possible in one sitting and improves momentum for change (especially in the beginning) -- one of the unique aspects of Resilience Ministries is extended session lengths. 

While the typical length of most sessions in the counseling world today is 50 to 60 minutes, this amount of time can limit the depth of conversation and quality of work that can be done in one session. At Resilience, all Initial Intake Sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes in length, and Follow-Up Sessions range from 1 hour 15 minutes to 2 hours (per each client's needs and preferences). Ample time for quality conversations allows for depth of dialogue, unhurried reflection, equipping through teaching and training, and planning for real-life homework and application in between sessions.

Please feel free to set up a free phone consultation to see if working together might be a fit for you. I would be honored to walk alongside you and help equip you forward on your journey of redemption.

With faith and hope,




Counseling packages are a good way to save money and at the same time make a commitment to your personal growth and goals. Includes your Initial Intake Session plus four Follow-Up Sessions. 


After meeting a few times, you may have a better picture of how many sessions you would like in order to work toward your goals. You are welcome to purchase this package of 5 Sessions any time along the way on your counseling journey.

Package discounts do not apply to Reduced Rate sessions.



A free Initial Phone Consultation is a wonderful, optional step that allows you to get to know Lyndsey a bit to see if working with her might be a fit. She will share a little about who she is, about her approach to counseling, and will answer any questions you might have.

$150 - INITIAL INTAKE SESSION  (1 Hr 30 Min)

Your first session lays the foundation for transformation. This includes sharing your Story, working through your Intake Packet which includes a Whole Life Assessment, identifying and talking through your Top Three, asking clarifying questions, identifying goals, co-creating a Transformation Plan, and together setting real life homework that will help you begin the journey toward lasting change.

$125 - FOLLOW-UP SESSION (1 Hr 15 Min)

Helpful for a weekly counseling or coaching rhythm. This is the shortest follow-up session offered. This length typically works best for clients who need and want to meet on a weekly basis. For weekly sessions, this is a generous amount of time that allows for a few extra questions, a little extra conversation, and helpful discussion of homework and at-home practice and application.

$145 - FOLLOW-UP SESSION (1 Hr 30 Min)

Helpful for every other week sessions, monthly sessions, and couples counseling. For clients who come every other week or monthly, ninety minutes allows time for more content and equipping. Each follow-up session is tailored to each uniqe client's needs and goals. This includes systematically and stragically working through your Top Three together, celebrating growth, equipping through teaching and training, addressing hurdles,and modifying next steps. Couples counseling also benefits from addiitional time in order to thoroughly addresses the issues of both individuals and the couple as a whole.

$190 - FOLLOW-UP SESSION (2 Hours)

Helpful for monthly clients, couples counseling, and more comprehensive conversations. If you would you prefer to meet fewer times but for a longer amount of time, extended sessions may be the right fit for you. Two-hour sessions allow for thorough, comprehensive conversations about multiple areas of life -- spiritual growth, relationships, work, etc. They are also typically more effective for Couples Counseling -- working with two people instead of one means there is much more to talk through and multiple conversations needed in order to see results for both individuals as well as the couple as a whole.


Phone counseling is sometimes available between sessions in urgent situations. A brief conversation may help bring clarity and relief in the midst of difficult situations.

$120 - COURT OR LEGAL PROCEEDINGS  (as needed)

In the event that you need my presence or testimony in a legal proceeding.


Resilience Ministries is happy to offer applications for Reduced Rates upon request. Lyndsey strives to offer services to clients of various budgets as often as possible. A limited number of Reduced Rate spots are available through an application process that is based on qualification through combined, annual household income and slot availability. Please do not hesitate to apply for Reduced Rates if you are in a difficult financial situation.

Thank you. Your request has been sent. You will recieve an email response within 1-2 business days.

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