The heart is a garden.

If left alone and unattended, it withers and fades in the wilds.

But with cultivation and care, it grows rich with life


A wonderful journey awaits those who have the courage to take the first step.

What can I expect in the in Biblical Counseling or Coaching with Lyndsey?


Prior to your first coaching or counseling session, you are welcome to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation. This is Lyndsey's gift to you in order to briefly give you the opportunity get to know her and ask any questions you may have. When you are ready to schedule your first session, you may do so online. You can also call or text 423.600.9171 or e-mail 



The bulk of your first session will include sharing your concerns and reason for seeking counseling or coaching. We will talk through your most pressing needs and desires. Together we will begin to set goals and develop a vision for your next steps. Most women begin to feel relief and increasing clarity even during this first session.



In between sessions you will have "homework" to complete as you move forward towards your goals. Don't worry, it's not paperwork; it's small, real-life, practical steps you will be taking toward the life you are seeking, and it works.  The homework itself is essential and is just as important as the counseling or coaching sessions themselves.



In subsequent sessions, the focus of conversation varies dependent upon what is most strategic and how the Holy Spirit is leading. Sessions can include:


  • examining hurdles and roadblocks

  • processing your personal life story

  • learning how to listen to and connect with God

  • processing emotions and events 

  • finding freedom from guilt and shame

  • examining your thought life

  • assessing progress and modifying action plans

  • learning how to study the bible

  • developing emotional and relational skills 

  • growing in self awareness

  • establishing boundaries with time and people

  • exploring your talents and giftings

  • and much more...


Lyndsey uses a wide range of tools within an intentional framework that results in real change and momentum as you move forward in God's good plan for your life.



As you grow nearer your personal goals, the frequency of sessions typically decreases and eventually concludes. Some clients choose to come in for a final session, while others choose a concluding phone conversation. Either is fine, dependent upon your preferences and needs.



In the future, you are always welcome to return for a visit as is needed as you journey through various seasons of life. It can be encouraging and beneficial to work with a coach/counselor with whom you already have an established a relationship with and who you know and trust.

FREE 15-Minute Phone Consultation

Schedule an appointment or a free phone consultation.