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Resilience Ministries specializes in equipping women in spiritual, emotional, and relational health and wholeness through Christ-centered transformation and renewal.

Biblical Counseling


Emotional and relational pain is sometimes unbearable, but we are not designed to remain in a place of pain, overwhelm, anxiety, or defeat long-term.

Through helping women learn to actualize and personally experience the truths found in scripture, Lyndsey consistently sees women walk into beautiful places of freedom and fullness of life. By focusing on customized, strategic discipleship in areas such as gospel-centered reframing, life-story work, how to receive from God, biblical relational perspectives and practices, rhythms of renewal, and more... women consistently find clarity, renewal, peace, purpose, and joy in their real, everyday lives.

Jesus says that he came to "bind up the brokenhearted" (Is. 61:1) and to give us life abundant and your life is included in that promise. Learn more on the What to Expect page on the Session Options and Rates page. 



Are you hungry and ready for a deep dive into life transformation? As of winter 2021, Lyndsey has begun offering half-day, one-day, and two-day intensives.

Intensives can often yield the most dramatic results in the shortest amount of time. Instead of working through issues one session at a time over weeks, you can take the opportunity to do a "life overhaul" through the more comprehensive work that can be done in an intensive.

Intensives are uniquely customized for each client. They can include Whole-Life Assessment, Life Story work, a Top Three Analysis, Strategic Discipleship, Immanual Approach Listening Prayer, and much more. Write to Lyndsey at to inquire about scheduling an Intensive.

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Immanuel Approach



Immanuel Approach listening prayer is one of the most effective means of spiritual and emotional restoration that exists. It has been effectively used to help abuse victims, refugees, survivors of human trafficking, victims of guerilla warfare, and more. It helps to heal both Type A pain (the absence of love and positive relational experiences) and Type B pain (the presence of negative or traumatic relational experiences).

Immanuel Approach prayer is not strange or mystical or even new in nature... it is a simple, Christ-centered way of drawing near to God that includes stillness, remembering God's goodness, pouring out your heart, listening, and most importantly, learning how to receive from God personally.

Workshops & Courses


Lyndsey teaches on a variety of topics including intimacy with God, life-giving devotional times, discerning God's voice, emotional health, receiving a Biblical life vision, intentional transformation, cultivating healthy relationships, discipleship groups, and more. 

Learning together brings transformation to another level through the power of community and conversation. Resilience workshops and classes are offered periodically and vary from evening seminars to two-day gatherings to online courses. To inquire about Lyndsey coming to speak at your event or gathering, please write to her at

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Ministry Coaching


Do you feel like you are merely surviving ministry? Or, are you doing well, but need sharper vision or strategy as a leader? Have you had a hurtful or difficult ministry experience?

Lyndsey has personal experience in church planting, as a pastor's wife, in worship leading, and in launching and leading a ministry of her own. She understands first hand the unique challenges that come with a life of service and vocational ministry. Additionally, she and her husband have invested years into prayerfully studying and practicing healthy church life (ecclesiology) and ministry life. If you need support as a female in ministry, you have come to the right place!

Learn more on the What to Expect page or the Session Options and Rates page.

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