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What is a Redemption Group?

Redemption Groups are a gospel-centered discipleship experience designed to help facilitate (1) connection with Christ, (2) depth in community, and (3) multiplication of followers of Christ, with an emphasis on personal transformation through intentionality.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

Redemption Groups are for any woman in any stage or circumstance in life (18 and older) who is desiring deep community with others and transformation in Christ. This particular RG gathering is interdenominational in nature and will include women from a variety of churches and backgrounds. 

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Quick Info Guide

  • New Groups Start Sept 2019
  • Wednesdays: 10am-12pm
  • Applications Currently Closed

Hosted at Boone Trail Baptist Church

1985 Carroll Creek Road

Johnson City, TN 37615


There is no cost, however we do ask for a high commitment level from all participants for the entire semester.  Voluntary donations are appreciated and accepted at gatherings to help cover incidental costs.


In order for groups to be effective, it requires a high commitment level from each member. We ask participants to seek to honor their fellow group members by doing their very best to be present at all gatherings. It is understandable that emergencies and unavoidable conflicts arise periodically, so please do not feel guilty if that happens. As a general goal, we ask that you try not to miss more than *one to two* gatherings per semester.


Please contact SaraBeth Grant (Redemption Groups Administrator) with any questions at 423.534.0873 or

What to Expect

The design of each gathering includes both connecting with God and connecting with one another. There are seven basic components of Redemption Groups:​​

  1. Worship & Prayer (Living Room Style)

  2. Biblical Meditation and Reflection

  3. Biblically-Based Teaching

  4. The Story of God & Life Stories

  5. Gospel-Centered Conversations

  6. Debriefing and Testimonials

  7. Studying Scripture at Home During the Week

Come try it out for yourself and experience real and lasting personal transformation in your life. We hope to see you there!

Forming YOUR Redemption Small Group

All groups will have between 4-5 women in them and can be formed in one of three ways. Later in the application process, we will ask you which of the following three ways you would like to register. If you choose Group or Blended Group Registration, *each person* in your group will still need to complete her own application online and be accepted into Redemption Groups. See the registration options below:

  • Option 1: Group Registration (PREFERRED) - This is for a group of 4 to 5 women who have agreed beforehand and would like to register together as a completed group. We will not add additional women to these groups. This is a preferable option because your lives are already intertwined, you likely have natural relational chemistry, and you have already built some degree of trust through your friendships. We want to help you build thick relationships, not spread you thin. Each person in the group will still need to complete her own application and be accepted into Redemption Groups.

  • Option 2: Blended Group Registration (PREFERRED) - This is for 2-3 women who have agreed beforehand and would like to register together, but who also need our team to add one or two additional women to their group. (All completed groups will have between 4 and 5 people in them.) This is a great option because you will have one or two people you already know in your group, and it also gives you the opportunity to build some new friendships. Each person in the group will still need to complete her own application and be accepted into Redemption Groups.

  • Option 3: Individual Registration (STILL A GOOD OPTION FOR SOME) - This is for individual women who would like to apply on their own and then be placed in a small group by our team. If you would prefer to branch out and meet some new women, this is a good way to expand your relational circle and go deep at the same time. 

Who Should I Invite to My Small Group?

We are so glad you are thinking about who to invite! We are all made for spiritually deep friendships. As you brainstorm possible people, keep in mind that Redemption Groups are specifically designed for followers of Christ. Below are are three things to be mindful of as you brainstorm who to invite:

(1) Spiritual Hunger. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be satisfied" (Matt. 5:6). Look for women who are spiritually hungry.

(2) Desire for Relational Depth and Authenticity. Look for women who want to go deep and desire candid honesty about real life.

(3) Prioritize Your Home Church. We want to encourage you to prioritize identifying and inviting women within your home church first. There is both a biblical precedent and a relational benefit to deepening and thickening your friendships within your spiritual family. It is okay to invite women from other parts of your life, but please make sure to think through possible women within your home church first before exploring other options.

Ask God who He would like you to invite, and then take time to listen to Him and follow His leading.

Small Group Themes

If desired, groups can have a specific theme, such as a group for Adoptive Moms. Other themes might be... Intergenerational, College Age, Single Moms, Women in Ministry, Newly Married, etc. Keep in mind that while it is encouraging to gather around similarities, it is also very healthy and helpful to have diversity in groups. Ultimately, all groups are unified around the simple, yet powerful shared purpose of transformation in Christ.

The Three Greats


(1) The Great Commandment - To Love God. (Spiritual Renewal)  “[Jesus] said to him, ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment’” (Matt 22:37-38). Our greatest purpose is to practice putting the First Commandment first by creating space for a living, active connection with Christ and spending time loving and enjoying Him.

(2) The 2nd Great Commandment - To Love Others. (Relational Health and Depth) “And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt 22:39-40).  Our second purpose is to obey the Second Commandment of loving others. We will practice this by cultivating gospel-centered relationships with one another in our small groups, large group, and also through living life together during the week.

(3) The Great Commission - To Make Disciples. (Missional Reproduction) “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matt 28:19). Our third purpose is to obey the Great Commission by making disciples. We will pursue this by having regular conversations and equipping around personal disciple making and seeking to take next steps regularly.

*With an Emphasis on Personal Transformation: As we pursue growth in these priority areas, we will be seeking to hone in on real life change. So often as followers of Christ, we absorb a lot of information, while experiencing stunted transformation. As we practice drawing near to God and applying the truth of the gospel to the details of our lives, we are asking Him to transform us from the inside out.

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