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Step 1
Sign Up for a FREE 20-Min
Initial Consultation

In this Free Consultation, you will get to know Lyndsey and learn about the Gospel Freedom Transformation Pathways at Resilience. 

Fall 2023 - Limited openings are currently available. Sign up to reserve your spot in the cue.

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Step 2
Experience a 90-Minute Life-Change Intake Session

This packed 90-Minute Session includes reviewing a Whole-Life Assessment (completed by you ahead of time), a detailed conversation on your current presenting needs and context, and an Initial Customized Plan moving forward based on the ideal Gospel Freedom Transformation content for you.

Cost: $295 (Reduced)

*PLEASE NOTE*: An Intake Session does not guarantee Lyndsey will be able to immediately take you on as a client. Admission is dependent upon availability and the right match of your needs with Resilience services. 

Step 3
Choose a Pathway and
Start Experiencing Transformation

Rates start at $395/month
A limited number of Reduced Rate spots are available periodically. An application for reduced rates is available upon request.




Brief, Short-Term


  • 1 Hour Sessions

  • 2-6 Weeks Dependent on Session Frequency

  • Meet Every 1 to 2 Weeks Dependent on Availability

  • Life Application Homework in Between Sessions

Best Fit for this Pathway:

Desire Brief, Focused Support and Feedback


Succinct Coaching & Counseling OR Immanuel Approach in Each Session

Examples of Needs:

  • Minor and Short-Lived Emotional Stressors

  • Minor Relational Challenges or Conflict

  • Specific Spiritual, Emotional or Relational Questions

  • Preventative Care

  • Creating an Initial Christ-Centered Life Vision

  • Addressing Schedule Overwhelm

  • And more...





​Thorough, In-Depth

Coaching or Counseling

  • 1 Hour 30 Min Sessions

  • 3-10 Months​ Dependent on Session Frequency 

  • Meet Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly

  • Life Application Homework in Between Sessions

Best Fit for this Pathway: 

Desire Significant Growth, Healing, and Transformation


Thorough Coaching & Counseling OR Immanuel Approach in Each Session


Examples of Needs:

  • Anxiety or Depression

  • Feelings of Disconnection with God

  • Trauma Healing & Recovery

  • Life Story Processing

  • Shame, Insecurity, Low Self-Image, Self-Condemnation

  • Support for an Ongoing and Chronic Life Challenge

  • Grief/Loss Support & Recovery

  • Family of Origin Wounds

  • And much more...




In-Depth & Multi-Faceted

Coaching or Counseling 

  • 2-Hr Multi-Faceted Sessions

  • ​5-15 Months Dependent on Session Frequency

  • Meet Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly

  • Life Application Homework in Between Sessions

Best Fit for this Pathway:

Desire Intensive, Multi-Faceted Growth, Healing & Transformation


Intensive Coaching & Counseling AND Immanuel Approach in Most Sessions

Examples of Needs:

Addresses everything described in the Freedom Pathway, PLUS...

  • For Individuals - each session allows time for Counseling AND Immanuel Approach

  • For Couples - additional time is ideal and of incredible value for couples work

Implementing BOTH the Immanuel Approach and Counseling during a session fosters much more significant and expedient results.

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Girl with Arms Stretched Out
FREE 20-Minute
Initial Consultation
Limited openings are currently available.
Sign up today to reserve your spot in the cue.

Who are the Professional Christian Women in Leadership Roles who took the survey?

This is a sampling of the professions represented...  


  • ​Emergency Physician

  • Medical Director

  • Hospital Administrator

  • Nurse Mid-wife Business Owner

  • OBGYN Physician

  • Physician & Hospitalist

  • Surgeon, Chief of Surgery

  • Medical Class Instructure Instructor

  • Healthcare Business Owner

  • Nurse Practioner

  • Pharmacist Manager

  • Professional Mental Health Counselor

  • Residency Program Director

  • Psychiatric Nurse Practioner

  • Social Work Advocacy Executive Director

  • Clinic Medical Director

  • Optometrist & Business Owner

  • Associate Clinical Leader

  • Physician Assistant &  Medical Director

  • Geriatric Psychiatrist

  • Oncologist, Vice Chair


  • President of a Bank

  • Branch Manager

  • Regional Vice President

  • Senior Vice President

  • Collections Manager in Corporate Finance


  • Educational Leader

  • School Principle

  • Elementary/Middle School Administrator

  • University Director of Vocal Activities & Master Lecturer of Music

  • College Math Professor


  • Business Owner

  • Office Manager

  • Real Estate Business Onwer

  • Executive Director

  • Family Entertainment Center Business Owner

  • HR Payroll Specialist

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • Cybersecurity Professional

  • Web Designer

  • Administrative Property Manager

  • Floral Designer

  • Food Service Manager

  • CEO of Business Services Company

  • Attorney

  • Commercial Real Estate Broker

  • Gymnastics Director/Owner


  • Author and Public Relations Professional

  • Newspaper Columnist

  • Print Publications and Marketing

  • Podcaster, Speaker

  • Digital Marketer, Owner


  • Board Members

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Global Human Trafficking Education Specialist

  • Nonprofit Directors

  • Biblical Counselor

  • Ministry Leader

  • Pastors Wife

  • Community Director

  • Client Services Coordinator

  • Worship Director

  • Student Ministry Director

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